Review: Tintri VM Scale-Out

Product Review: Tintri Virtual Storage

Tintri is a software company specializing in VM storage solutions. Tintri allows for greater density of VM storage, faster runtimes and less management. Their solutions save both time and money for companies managing VMs. Some of their customers include the U.S. Army, Department of Defense, European Investment Bank (EIB), and Chevron.

The recommendations and predictions features of VM Scale-out truly set it apart from competitors. Other growth softwares aren’t putting analytics to work the same way Tintri is with VM Scale-out.

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One of the problems companies face today is storage capacity and efficiency with virtual machines. Either they lack the capacity to house more VMs, or when they increase the number of VMs being run and the data passing through their systems, everything slows down and becomes more inefficient. This is due to less than ideal resource allocation, not to mention all the additional, expensive hardware that is required to accommodate thousands of VMs. Tintri offers a new solution, launched in May 2016, that allows companies to scale up their storage infrastructure without running into these time-consuming issues.

Tintri’s VM Scale-out solution gives companies the ability to expand and grow their virtual architecture. This software is based on Tintri’s VM-aware Storage (VAS) platform and uses predictive analytics and complex algorithms to optimize VM placement and growth. The software uses all-flash storage and has the ability to expand, but it can handle a combination of all-flash and hybrid storage in one pool. Three of Tintri’s goals with this software are to start small and scale big, scale smart and scale simply.

Starting small means going from roughly one thousand virtual machines and terabytes of storage and scaling up to hundreds of thousand of virtual machines and petabytes of storage. Scaling smart means using analytics to do the hard work and optimization for you. Scale-out uses up to three years of historical data to model and predict allocation needs for various VMs. This model can then tell users how to best change VM allocation for the most growth while also avoiding resource constraints.

Tintri Scale-Out - Review: Tintiri Virtual Storage - YourDailyTech
Tintri Scale-Out

The simplicity of Scale-out comes in a 1-2-3 package. The first step is identifying issues based on the last 30 days of data. VM Scale-out then analyzes this data and applies it to the next week to optimize VM allocation within the pool of VM stores. Next, Scale-out recommends actions to optimize the VM system after considering time, data movement and capacity capabilities. VM Scale-out can also learn to make better recommendations based on user modifications. Finally, the software predicts outcomes for the next week to show the user what would happen if action were taken. It also predicts the amount of time necessary to execute the various recommendations so that the user can weigh that option as well.

The recommendations and predictions features of VM Scale-out truly set it apart from competitors. Other growth softwares aren’t putting analytics to work the same way Tintri is with VM Scale-out.

For more information, watch this video about optimal VM distribution with Scale-out.

Key Features & Specifications

One of the major features in the VM Scale-out is its 1-2-3 process of identifying issues, recommending actions and predicting outcomes. The user interface of this process on Tintri’s Global Center Advanced.

TinTri Global Center Pools - Review: Tintiri Virtual Storage - YourDailyTech
TinTri Global Center Pools

The VM Scale-out needs as little as one 17 TB all-flash VMstore and can grow and scale up to 10 PB and 160,000 VMs. All of this can be managed with just one employee.

Tintri Can Scale-Out Growth - Review: Tintiri Virtual Storage - YourDailyTech
Tintri Can Scale-Out Growth

Some of Tintri’s competitors in the software and hardware markets, in general, include EMC and NetApp. Tintri products has an edge over competitors because products are designed to marry flash and disk more effectively, as well as Tintri’s use of virtualization-specific design.

The release of the VM Scale-out was one of the biggest pieces of news for Tintri over the last few months. At the end of May, Tintri was awarded a Gold Stevie (R) Award for Computer Software Company of the Year and a Bronze Stevie (R) Award for New B2B Product for VMstore T5000 All-fash Series. Additional press releases and news coverage on Tintri can be found here. Tintri can be found at the Red Hat Summit 2016 at the beginning of July and also at Cisco Live 2016 in July. Additional events and information are found on their events page.

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