Review: Delphix’s Data as a Service

Product Review: Delphix Corporation – Delphix Virtualization Engine Software

As the volume of data companies are attempting to sort through and utilize continues to grow, so does the need for a business/IT solution for effective data management. One solution growing in popularity is data virtualization. Data virtualization relies on using Data as a Service (DaaS) software to collect, manipulate and control data. DaaS accelerates application development through self-service channels. IT teams no longer have to manage and deploy data to developers; instead, the developers themselves can access, deploy, refresh, and share data. Data virtualization puts the control in the developers’ hands and drastically cuts the time and costs for application development.

Delphix’s key differentiator, as might be expected, is the speed with which they deliver data virtualization solutions. The time-saving abilities of the Virtualization Engine can be employed almost instantly after installation.

One company providing solutions to companies’ wants and needs for data virtualization is Delphix, a leader in data management based in Menlo Park, California. Delphix strives to provide customers with data virtualization and data masking solutions. Delphix’s data virtualization is focused on speed. Their homepage plainly captures this goal by saying: “Speed wins. It’s a simple fact. The faster you can deliver new applications, features and upgrades to market, the better your business performs. For that you need faster data. And for faster data, you need Delphix.”

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Delphix speeds up the application development process with data virtualization primarily through self-service automation and streamlined data delivery. Self-service removes the need for IT to control the data flow during application development. Before, there could be huge lag time – days or weeks – between requests being submitted and data being distributed. With Dephix Virtualization Engine, this time can be slashed to mere minutes, freeing up more time for IT and the developers. The streamlining and consolidation of data also results is more efficient management of this data. Multiple projects can draw from the same set of data with Delphix’s data platform, which results in the elimination of up to 90% redundant entries. This improved data management results in more space to store useful data and also helps prevent data loss by tracking any and all changes made to the data over time.

Before & After
Before & After Review: Delphix’s Data as a Service – – YourDailyTech

The Delphix Engine software houses a data platform composed of three tiers: Tier 1 – DXFS Data Virtualization Layer, Tier 2 – Datavisor Data Orchestration Layer, and Tier 3 – Self-Service Management Layer. The first tier is used to store data and optimize performance. Tier 2 does the legwork for the impressive data management and manipulation Delphix boasts; it is responsible for synchronizing data, keeping track of changes, making copies, and tracking where all the copies of the data are at any time. The third tier makes implementation of Delphix’s data platform easy for companies. Tier 3 automates and streamlines the inner-workings of Tiers 1 and 2 so that companies can integrate the Delphix data platform into their current processes.

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Specifically, Dephix’s Virtualization Engine serves the operations and development processes. Operations are improved with increased backup capability (30 days of data is recoverable), full automation and data masking. Data masking, in particular, is of utmost importance because of the sensitive nature of some of the data companies are handling. The Virtualization Engine can provide secure, encrypted copies of data to ensure this sensitivity is protected. The benefits for development have already been touched on briefly and primarily include Delphix’s self-service features, the ability to work on parallel branches of the same data without interfering with other development processes (e.g. development versus testing) and sophisticated refresh/rollback capabilities for updating or returning to previous versions of the data.

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Delphix’s key differentiator, as might be expected, is the speed with which they deliver data virtualization solutions. The time-saving abilities of the Virtualization Engine can be employed almost instantly after installation. Molina Healthcare experienced a 50% time reduction for their projects after switching to the Delphix Virtualization Engine. Molina saved over 3 petabytes of data with Delphix and reduced provisioning time from over a week to under an hour.

Key Features

Tier 1 Benefits
Tier 1 Benefits Review: Delphix’s Data as a Service – – YourDailyTech
Tier 2 Benefits Review: Delphix's Data as a Service - - YourDailyTech
Tier 2 Benefits Review: Delphix’s Data as a Service – – YourDailyTech
Tier 3 Benefits Review: Delphix's Data as a Service - - YourDailyTech
Tier 3 Benefits Review: Delphix’s Data as a Service – – YourDailyTech


Specs Review: Delphix's Data as a Service - - YourDailyTech
Specs Review: Delphix’s Data as a Service – – YourDailyTech

Gartner listed Delphix as one of the top companies for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement in 2015. Delphix landed in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant” for the combination of it’s vision completeness and ability to execute this vision. Delphix was outmatched in this ranking by big-name competitors like IBM, Informatica and HP. Some of Delphix’s other competitors include EMC, OpenText and Teradata. While Gartner highlighted Delphix’s data masking DevOps benefits and impressive speed capabilities, it also discussed some of the ways the platform could be improved such as application licensing needs for full access to the user’s data. Delphix is undeniably a leader, though, and is employed by top companies like Walmart, Cisco, Facebook, Ebay, and Comcast. They serve financial, government, healthcare, insurance, retail, and technology industries. Case studies from each of these industries detailing remarkable benefits for specific companies can be found here.

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Delphix recently released a major platform update to accelerate and simplify their data platform. The 5.0 version of their product was released at the beginning of April. Additional news releases can be found here. Upcoming events for Delphix in the month of May include the HMG CIO Summit, Data Summit Conference, PSP Emerging Technologies Conference, and CIO Perspectives Conference.


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