Executive Interview: Pindrop VP Marketing, Matt Anthony

Pindrop is fraud detection software company for call centers based in XXXXX. Pindrop deploys a moderation technology that detects and assess risk of every call to a call center. Once scored, Pindrop issues a pop-up of the caller’s score with prompts for how to authenticate the call from there to the operator.

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Tell us about the target market for Pindrop.

Pindrop works with large companies where ?????? there is a risk of phone based fraud. The companies all have large call centers and important information in their data systems to protect.

Tell us about the type of customer using your product.

We are mostly entrenched in large financial companies such as banks, government, brokerages and telecommunications companies.  {More info please}

Tell us about the problem Pindrop addresses for its clients.

We monitor the environment and alert companies of security threats coming into their call center. We’re able to detect 80 percent plus of incoming fraud calls. Our work alerts and equips businesses with the ability to handle fraud from their fingertips. {More info please}

What do you find to be a key differentiator Pindrop brings to this space?

Pindrop is a new technology, it has only been around for four years in this space. For one, our anomalies detection element works for any call under any circumstance and can be identified. Most other systems look to use fingerprint solutions, storing and analyzing trends over time against calls, forming patterns, etc.

Pindrop Phoneprinting Infographic -YourDailyTech
Pindrop: How Phone Printing Works

Tell us about the training and support available for your product.

Once you receive a new client you want to on-board their team. We tend to listen to their phone calls right up front and do an audit to level set expectations of what to gain. We then tune the product to the need we assess. Usually what the customer team will do is integrate our data into their existing tools for easy implementation and use. Pindrop utilizes an API integration where they can plug and play into client’s already existing call center dashboards for easy integration of current structure.

Is there a demo or free trial available?

The complexity and tuning for what’s required upfront, we look to provide a full audit for all new clients to really cater our offering to your need.

Pindrop recently released their 2016 Call Center Fraud Report. How would you best describe what call center fraud is?

It is surprising to people to find out there is such a problem in this field. Many layered security companies have layers to their security structure. For example, at a bank you have locks on the doors, you have the vault, you have dye bags on the money in the vault, etc. Not one of those things keeps the bad guys out individually, but the more complicated you can make your layers, the better equipped you are as a system. You still have fraud, but you have the elite teams doing the hacking now.

Why does Pindrop believe, from a data perspective, call centers are the weakest link of the enterprise?

The phone world hasn’t had the advancements of technology in the fraud department like digital has. One to four calls were fraud before we as an industry began doing something about this type of fraud with call centers. Because of this weakness in prevention, fraud calls would intentionally attack call centers into companies data, getting into the network and hacking away from there.

How exactly does a fraud call get identified by your system?

Our Founder, Vijay A. Balasubramaniyan, invented a piece of technology that analyzed a piece of audio on the phone call. He was then able to tell you things that were anomalies, for example: it would recreate the route of the call, then the call could notice when a voice over IP system was being deployed.

Is Pindrop handling wifi calls?

Absolutely, we can detect against this type of incoming call, we isolate the device type separately and go from there.

Any data work from Pindrop in Predictive modeling fraud?

Yes, this type of work is a big focus for us. About 10 percent of our employees have PHD’s in audio engineering and then the other group are data scientists. How do we improve our models in our predictive modeling daily? Reporting. Live reporting through a real time dashboard.

What can we expect to see from Pindrop in the next year?

We started out really focused on catching the bad guys in the moment. We wanted to flag them and keep them from getting through the call center. Now, many clients try to identify and verify their customers through long handed pieces of data collection over the call. If you’ve ever called a bank before, you know that this is quite annoying to the customer. We’re trying to expedite this process with smart technology.

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