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TechLeads, a division of YourDailyTech, is a sales and marketing professional’s best source of buying-intent leads, targeted contacts and account based sales information.

Through this partnership, TechLeads is able to identify more qualified Information Technology professionals who are buying products and services.

We’re also giving you access to 100’s of thousands of IT professionals in the US that you can use to build a prospect database of what we call, “qualified suspects”. In addition, our partnership with a leading Account-Based Sales organization will give you in depth account information including additional contacts and trigger events.

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Buying-Intent Leads

Buying-intent leads are created when a decision-maker submits their contact information in exchange for a white paper, product review or other information useful during the purchasing process. Our leads demonstrate buying intent in seven technology verticals: IoT, Network Security, Cloud Architecture, Data Storage, Business Intelligence and Networks.

“the buying-intent leads we get from TechLeads are qualified and have all ended up in the small end of our sales funnel”  VP, Sales, Horton

Targeted Contacts

Our targeted contact data allows you and/or your sales teams build large, powerful databases of qualified suspects by searching by company, job title, first name, last name, industry and company size.

“we built a targeted database of several thousand contacts in minutes after subscribing and began a nurturing campaign that resulting in more than 150 new prospects”  Marketing Manager, Cube-Squared Technologies

Account-Based Sales

A powerful information platform that gives your sales teams additional contact and event insight into targeted accounts, allowing you to make better prospecting decisions with relevant information.

“ABS is the new buzz-word in sales and for good reason. With the intelligence we get from TLN we’re able to dramatically shorten the sales cycle and spend time prospecting to the most receptive contacts”  Sales Director, MPLS

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