Security in the Age of Digital Transformation

The quickening pace of change in business today is forcing companies to transform themselves digitally, in new and innovative ways. It’s requiring them to shake off traditional, legacy-based approaches to IT, and think more like those new-age competitors that were ‘born digital’. The name of the game is to ... Read more »

Endpoints, Not Cloud, Are Biggest Security Risk

There’s much concern in the industry about the cloud being a major security risk, but a recent survey at the Black Hat 2015 Conference found that it’s really endpoints that experts think are most susceptible to intrusion or attack. By Elizabeth Montalbano Bromium Inc., a security firm using ... Read more »

The Highway to Our Digital Future: Comments on Trends in Security

Cybercrime, threats from third-party providers and potential dangers lurking under your roof are all digital security trends that are keeping IT managers up at night as we speed into the digital future. By Chris Collins Open, sesame or open, sesame? When talking about what CA Services does, I often use ... Read more »

How a Hybrid Cloud Strategy can Boost Security

Enterprises today are facing some difficult choices. They operate in a world in which anyone anywhere—armed only with a good idea and a credit card—can compete with them on an even footing. This is possible because the cloud has democratized access to large amounts of computing power and ... Read more »

Do Your Security Homework Before Storing Big Data in the Cloud

A majority of big data originates beyond enterprise walls and systems of records (SOR). This data streams in from corporate websites; it emanates from machines and sensors; and in still other cases, it's captured from the internet. Since so much internet and Internet of Things (IoT) data enters the enterprise ... Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Cloud Security Issues

Cloud security has evolved to provide better data and access management for public cloud delivery models. But even with more control and visibility into the data placed in the cloud, many organizations still have cloud security issues that impact compliance. Certain industries such as finance, healthcare and retail are bound ... Read more »

IoT Security: An Avalanche of Problems

There are not one but many areas of IoT device security weaknesses. Did you see the "Die Hard" movie where the evil hacker was able to control the traffic lights of Washington, D.C.? Well, it could really happen. The IT industry has paid attention to many forms of IT ... Read more »

8 Ways Small Businesses are Getting IT Security Wrong

In a modern business environment governed by digital applications, web-based tools and sophisticated IT infrastructures, small business owners have the freedom to be more productive and innovative than ever before. By Scott Hartley Sadly, for those who lack the technical know-how required to manage IT systems effectively, sensitive business information ... Read more »

DataGravity Update Promises to Help Protect Your Stored Data

DataGravity says its software upgrade will help defend against CryptoLocker attacks, and even help identify the attacker. By Barb Darrow DataGravity is a storage startup that says it helps businesses know more about the data they have. Not just how much, but who’s writing it, accessing it, deleting it, ... Read more »

Another Day, Another Hack: What Security News Should You Care About?

Every day it seems like there’s a new breach, a password to reset, or vulnerability. The trouble with a lot of security news though is that lot of it is important, but then there are garbage stories like this, big on scare and lacking in information, that make you ... Read more »

Virtual Security: Delivering On-Demand Support to Physical Environments

There is a common misconception that in order to move to virtual security solutions, companies can, or should, replace physical security technologies they rely on to keep their networks safe today. By Rebecca Lawson Think about it: Would a museum of fine arts fire its security guards and replace them ... Read more »

Security Think Tank: Security is Always a Functional Requirement of Change

How can development, operations and security teams collaborate around change to ensure security is maintained and even improved? By Adrian Davis While the basics around change management are clear – to have and follow a process – the problems are always in the implementation, which are getting worse as infrastructure and IT ... Read more »

Security Machine Learning Methods Needed to Adapt to Evolving Threats

Data science can sort through huge data stores in order to find and stop advanced attackers and malware, but new methods are needed to make sure the machine learning keeps up with evolving threats. By Michael Heller Data science is being used increasingly to help infosec professionals sift through vast ... Read more »

Virtual Data Centers Could Use a Fresh Look at IT Security Policies

Often, the biggest challenge to virtual data center security is actually legacy IT security policies that prevent efficiency and aggravate employees. By Nick Martin What do you see as the biggest challenge to security in a virtual environment? Have those challenges changed over time? Tom Howarth: Virtual security -- it ... Read more »

Why IT Infrastructure Security is Never Tight Enough

The one constant in IT has always been security -- or a lack thereof. Don't wait to address security issues before it's too late. By Bob Plankers IT infrastructure security isn't always a priority, and when we have it, it's never enough or applied in the wrong places. Security is ... Read more »

Scaling Security Monitoring for IoT and the Cloud

The Internet of Things and cloud computing complicate network security. Consider updating your network monitoring strategy to meet the scale demands of the IoT era. By Julie Knudson Monitoring network security has become an increasingly comprehensive task. Thanks to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, administrators must now keep an eye on a ... Read more »

Using a VMware Firewall as Part of a Defense-in-Depth Strategy

While it is not the Holy Grail of network security, VMware firewall technologies are critical components of protecting a virtual data center. Expert Paul Henry explains why. By Paul Henry The application of ingress and egress filtering at the border router is a critical first layer of defense in a ... Read more »

Fill Security Gaps With Centralized Cloud Data Encryption

Most cloud providers offer data encryption services, but for some users, those services aren't enough to fully protect enterprise data in the cloud. By Dan Sullivan Data encryption, for both data at rest and in motion, should be a standard practice in cloud computing. But despite the nearly ubiquitous availability ... Read more »

10 Ways Virtualization Can Improve Security

Virtualization is a type of process used to create a virtual environment. It allows a user to run multiple operating systems on one computer simultaneously. It is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something such as an operating system, server or network resources. For many companies, ... Read more »

How to Leverage Networks to Boost Security

The breach at the Office of Personnel Management has put security top of mind for nearly every government IT manager. By Joel Dolisy Many agencies are already practicing excellent cyber hygiene; others are still in implementation phases. Regardless of where you are in the process, it is critical to understand ... Read more »

The Cybersecurity Landscape

By Lawrence Orans, Research Vice President, Gartner Recorded July 28, 2015 Cybersecurity is a top concern for IT professionals. Gartner expert Lawrence Orans leads an important discussion of the current cybersecurity landscape. He analyzes recent cybersecurity events, emerging threats, and how new technologies are affecting the security calculus. View Webinar ... Read more »

Uncovering Security Performance Myths & Realities

By Tom Turner, EVP, BitSight Recorded July 28, 2015 Organizations have long struggled to find objective ways to measure and compare performance, leaving many executives to trust metrics and data points that may not be painting the clearest picture of security posture. To highlight this issue, BitSight recently surveyed over ... Read more »

Be Fast, But be Secure—a New Approach to Application Security

By Gerben Verstraete, Cindy Blake, HP Recorded June 23, 2015 Cloud computing and DevOps are letting enterprises deploy new software faster than ever. But with development organizations focused on speed, are you achieving time to market at the expense of cyber security? Run time application self-protection (RASP) is a new ... Read more »

How Network Virtualization is Used as a Security Tool

Takeaway: Network virtualization can provide advantages that traditional IT security solutions lack. By Melissa Rudy How Network Virtualization is Used as a Security Tool Network virtualization has picked up a lot of speed, and providers are looking for new attractions for potential clients. If faster, simpler network management isn’t ... Read more »

Security Intelligence and the Cloud

There is no doubt the cloud is becoming increasingly important. Organizations are moving applications, IT infrastructure and services to outsourced infrastructures at increasingly rapid rates. However, it isn’t often clear how specific assets and data are affected by an organization’s cloud strategy. Unfortunately, it is often not as ... Read more »

10 Audit Trail Tips for Better Data Security

By Mike Sanders, Principal SE and Team Lead, Imperva Recorded July 22, 2015 Database servers are the primary targets of most data security breaches. Understanding how to effectively monitor databases can prevent data loss and significantly reduce the time to discover the risk. Attend this webinar and learn how to: ... Read more »

Webinar: Security and Cloud Risk Management

By Jerry Wertelecky, CPA, Fellow HKloD & Managing Director Recorded July 21, 2015 Two of the biggest trends in IT is the reliance on the cloud and the increased threat of cyber-attacks. These two concepts are now intersecting, raising the question – are you safer with your systems outsourced to cloud ... Read more »

Trying To Keep Your Data Safe? You're Probably Doing It Wrong

Long gone are the days when you could pass off all your computer issues to an expert — IT support or the broadband 1-800 number. Today, in this always-connected, mobile world, regular people find themselves in a challenging situation. By Aarti Shahani On our own, we have to manage security on ... Read more »

Webinar: The New School of Cyber Defense

By Frank Mong, Vice President & General Manager of HP Security Solutions Recorded: July 13, 2015 The old school of cyber defense emphasized securing infrastructure and restricting data flows, but data needs to run freely to power our organizations. The new school of cyber defense calls for security that is ... Read more »

Windows 10 Will Use Virtualization For Extra Security

Microsoft explores new security strategies based on virtualization to better protect enterprise customers from malware and identity theft. By Kelly Sheridan When we're talking about Windows 10 features, security upgrades are often edged out of the spotlight by flashy additions like Cortana for desktop, Microsoft Edge, and Universal Apps. Perhaps ... Read more »