Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Are We Ready?

Disaster recovery–getting systems back online and data available after a service interruption–is a mission critical activity for many, if not all, businesses. The Bureau of Labor cites that 20 percent of business experience a failure (fire, flood, power outage, natural disaster, etc.) in any given year, and 80 ... Read more »

How Cloud is Getting Security Right

It really feels like we’ve crossed a new threshold in the whole cloud conversation. In working with cloud delivery models, conversations with new perspective customers are continuing to increase. Organizations are realizing real business gains by moving a part of their environment into some kind of cloud platform. By ... Read more »

Welcome to the Hybrid Age

Every company has a cloud strategy. If transitioning to the cloud is a journey, your strategy is your proverbial roadmap. It’s your GPS device giving you turn-by-turn directions as you head toward your destination. By Marc Olesen As companies embark on their cloud journeys, they increasingly find themselves between ... Read more »

How Cloud Has Changed the Data Center Architect

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way we deploy applications, control users, and deliver resources; and our ability to interconnect data centers today has allowed organizations of all sizes to be more agile and cost-effective. By Bill Kleyman As this cloud evolution continues , it’s critical to understand that beyond ... Read more »

Managed Private Cloud on the Rise as Data Center Outsourcing Service

Managed virtual private cloud services are gaining popularity as part of data center outsourcing contracts enterprises make with the likes of IBM, HP, or Dell. By Yevgeniy Sverdlik That’s according to the market research firm Gartner, which published its annual Magic Quadrant report on the North American data center ... Read more »

A Second Wave of Cloud Adoption is On the Rise. Are You Ready?

Disrupt or be disrupted. That’s the mantra of IT organizations and boardrooms across the globe. At least in the ones that will still be around. A recent report projects that digital disruption will displace approximately 40 percent of incumbent companies in each of the 12 industries studied within the ... Read more »

IBM Extends Spectrum Storage Line Into the Cloud

IBM augments its software-defined Spectrum line of storage offerings with integrated cloud capabilities By Joab Jackson BM is beefing up its offerings in software-defined storage, which promises to let IT departments better deal with large amounts of storage by uncoupling the management software from its underlying hardware. The company has ... Read more »

How Secure is the Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid cloud is IT’s flavor of the year. The C-level executives in Avanade’s global Hybrid Cloud study are particularly optimistic: 75 percent believe it should be the main area of focus for their company this year; 72 percent expect to adopt hybrid cloud by 2018; and 76 percent ... Read more »

How Cloud Redefined Data Center Resource Utilization

It’s important to quickly understand that cloud computing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the proliferation of cloud computing and various cloud services is only continuing to grow. Recently, Gartner estimated that global spending on IaaS is expected to reach almost US$16.5 billion in 2015, an increase ... Read more »

Calculating Your Cloud ROI

Increasingly, enterprises are drawn to the advantages of cloud services -- the flexibility, agility and "anytime, anywhere" business models enabled by the cloud are very attractive. But IT leaders can be stumped when it comes to answering a crucial question: What's the return on investment? By Jason Andersen The virtualization ... Read more »

Same Old Cloud, All New Enterprise

For a long while, the cloud was seen as a convenient way to improve traditional data center functionality. Even as individuals and business units began to provision their own resources, the aim was almost always to tap the needed resources to support familiar productivity applications, with perhaps some limited collaboration ... Read more »

3 Tactics for Maintaining Cloud Security

When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton reportedly replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” Likewise, businesses will always have to battle security issues, because if there’s anything worth having, someone else wants it. By Josh Abraham Maintaining security is (and always has been) something of an ... Read more »

What Does Private vs. Public Cloud Mean?

It seems like most businesses are ‘flying in the cloud’ these days. But while cloud popularity has grown rapidly over the past couple of years as organizations realize what that flexibility can do for them, it is not without its complications. One of these is deciding as an organization whether ... Read more »

The Creators of KVM Bring Meta-Virtualization to the Hybrid Cloud

There’s virtualization, and then there’s Ravello Systems Inc.’s take on virtualization. Its founders have built upon their experience developing KVM, the native hypervisor of Linux, to add an entirely new tier to the application stack that organizations can now leverage to extend their on-premise applications to the ... Read more »

Public, Private, Hybrid: Choosing the Right Cloud Approach for your Business

Far from being a new-fangled technological phenomenon, cloud computing is now being used by a huge number of organizations across a wide variety of industries. By Barclay Ballard However, the cloud is far from a one-size-fits-all solution and there are still important decision that must be made, namely should you ... Read more »

How a Hybrid Cloud Strategy can Boost Security

Enterprises today are facing some difficult choices. They operate in a world in which anyone anywhere—armed only with a good idea and a credit card—can compete with them on an even footing. This is possible because the cloud has democratized access to large amounts of computing power and ... Read more »

Innovation in NAS – How Cloud NAS Ends File Storage Pain

By Fred Pinkett, ‎Senior Director Product Marketing, Nasuni Recorded June 25, 2015 The growth of unstructured data, especially files, continues unabated and strains IT resources to the breaking point. It’s not just the storage of that data, but backing it up, providing for disaster recovery and making the data ... Read more »

3 Tips to Avoid Disaster in your Cloud Migration

There are not yet any cookie-cutter best practices and enabling technologies to move applications to the cloud By David S. Linthicum Enterprises are migrating to the cloud in big ways these days. However, the number of moving parts leave many people in IT a bit perplexed -- and fearful that ... Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Cloud Security Issues

Cloud security has evolved to provide better data and access management for public cloud delivery models. But even with more control and visibility into the data placed in the cloud, many organizations still have cloud security issues that impact compliance. Certain industries such as finance, healthcare and retail are bound ... Read more »

The Difference Between Private Cloud and Virtualization

With all the hype around cloud these days, figuring out where cloud fits and where it doesn’t can be challenging. Private cloud and virtualization often get confused with each other, but in fact, virtualization is usually a component of cloud, whether public or private. Let’s consider a couple ... Read more »

Top 5 Examples of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the easiest ways for business owners to take advantage of some of the latest technologies without spending a fortune on expensive computer parts, software and IT specialists. By Daniel Hristov To be able to easily understand the true benefits of cloud computing, it’s always ... Read more »

The State of Cloud Computing: 10 Things You Need to Know

From shared documents to smartphone data backups, the cloud touches many of the technological aspects of our daily lives. By Conner Forrest Once merely a novelty, the cloud has become a productivity tool that is helping individuals and organizations to truly get work done more efficiently. While not right for ... Read more »

Expert Panel: Cloud Storage Initiatives – An SDC Preview

By David Slik, CoChair SNIA Cloud Stor TWG; Mark Carlson, CoChair Cloud Stor TWG; Yong Chen, Tex Tech Univ; Alex McDonald, Chair Recorded August 4, 2015 This year’s Storage Developer Conference (SDC) is expected to draw over 400 storage developers and professionals. Get a sneak preview of key cloud ... Read more »

Virtualization Versus the Cloud

One thing that you will sometimes hear about network virtualization is that it is like the cloud in supporting elasticity, scalability and efficient IT operations. But this kind of statement needs to be completely parsed to be accurate. In other words, executives and business leaders need to know exactly what ... Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Embrace the Public Cloud

There are many players in the IT community that would argue that a private cloud is the smarter, more secure and most viable IT option for your business. I beg to differ. Companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have come in like a raging thunderstorm changing the metaphorical landscape. The ... Read more »

It's Cloudy In the Cloud

Cloud computing is both a new and exciting way of using our technological resources in the most efficient way possible and a reminder that all innovation usually brings a downside - and one that must be planned for and dealt with in the least disruptive way possible. By John F. ... Read more »

Hybrid Clouds Offer Flexibility—and Challenges

Hybrid cloud environments come with a variety of challenges that companies will need to address if they're to be successful with this type of IT environment. By Bob Violino The deployment of hybrid cloud environments is on the rise, with organizations looking to take advantage of the flexibility provided by ... Read more »

How the Hybrid Cloud has Already Doomed Your Data Center

You may not have decided to fully decommission all of your server rooms yet. But asset capitalization and operational expenses will eventually lead enterprise CxOs down that path. By Jason Perlow The cloud ate my homework. I'm not one for making excuses, but in July, my ZDNet article production came ... Read more »

Scaling Security Monitoring for IoT and the Cloud

The Internet of Things and cloud computing complicate network security. Consider updating your network monitoring strategy to meet the scale demands of the IoT era. By Julie Knudson Monitoring network security has become an increasingly comprehensive task. Thanks to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, administrators must now keep an eye on a ... Read more »

Reduce Costs with a Hybrid Cloud Approach

Cloud service providers and in-house options both have pros and cons, so a hybrid cloud approach could be the right fit. By Dan Kusnetzky What makes the transition to cloud computing so challenging is the necessity to satisfy a mix of business requirements and technical considerations. As with many IT ... Read more »