Teradata Announces New Database, for Deployment Everywhere

This past week, leading analytics company Teradata announced its new “Teradata Everywhere” initiative, which allows customers greater flexibility in database deployment. Teradata Everywhere brings the Teraradata massively parallel processing (MPP) database for public cloud, managed cloud and on-premises applications. As companies’ economic decision-making changes, their deployment strategies may change accordingly – and Teradata plans to keep that transition smooth. One goal of the Everywhere is for the Teradata Database to perform identically regardless of deployment option. “Companies need their data and analytic environment to be agile, multi-faceted, and flexible,” says Oliver Ratzesberger, Teradata’s Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer. “Teradata Everywhere means that the exact same Teradata Database can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud. … Companies can concentrate their energy on running analytics to improve their business rather than engineering compatibility between their environments.”

As shown in the graphic below, Teradata Everywhere supports multiple well-known deployment environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and VMWare virtualization.

Teradata Announces New Database, for Deployment Everywhere - YourDailyTech
Teradata Everywhere

To ensure that Teradata Database does not lose performance or flexibility with these new deployment options, Teradata is improving core features of the Database. A large part of this involves the redesigned MAPS architecture, which aims to help the database scale up or down without loss of performance. According to Teradata, MAPS will be more concurrent and will perform “table-at-a-time” reconfiguration, thus eliminating the additional time cost of data redistribution. Finally, Teradata has updated its Adaptive Optimizer feature with the ability to recognize and more effectively adopt its query structure to the host platform.

Teradata announced its new Borderless Analytics system on the same day as the Everywhere announcement, and this will function in tandem with Terdata Everywhere. Borderless Analytics helps companies manage multi-system environments and enables cross-platform analytics. In short, it will help businesses gain analytic insight from their newly flexible database deployment options – this flexibility being provided by Teradata Everywhere.

Key Takeaways:

-Teradata Everywhere is focused on providing customers greater flexibility in deploying their databases through Teradata.

-Teradata made database improvements that allow for recognition of the host platform and optimization of queries for that specific platform.

-Teradata Borderless Analytics will work in concert with Teradata Everywhere to support multi-system capabilities.


More information on Teradata Hybrid Cloud solutions can be found here.