Changing the Face of Storage

By Peter McCallum and Steve Ahlgrim

Join Pete McCallum and Steve Algrhim, long-time infrastructure architects, for a frank discussion on the changing face of storage networking and design. “Storage networking” implies both the interconnected nature of storage resources and their need to communicate over varied distances and topologies. Designing a storage network for a datacenter is a concept usually reserved for greenfield deployments. This is extremely rare as most datacenters, if not all, are already running well-established storage environments and network infrastructures.

In this session, Pete and Steve will run through their past experiences and customer stories to help define the present and future state of storage and the role it plays in infrastructure design. Topics will range from:

  • greenfield versus brownfield deployment strategies
  • how disaster recovery has evolved into business continuity
  • how the software application layer is changing how we perceive storage

View Webinar Here: Changing the Face of Storage

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