Heterogeneous Storage: Pros, Cons and How to Get Your NAS/SAN Arrays Under Control

By James Honey

These days, the holy grail of storage is a single platform that meets all needs: one that’s fast, scalable, reliable and affordable. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the fact that some storage solutions are simply better for specific projects than others, and attempting to stick with a homogeneous storage strategy may cost the organization a competitive edge or simply be impractical given today’s IT budgets.

Enjoying a one-size-fits-all storage solution becomes increasingly difficult as industry trends like hyperconverged infrastructure, cloud computing, virtualization and software-defined storage continue to gain steam in the data center. The reality is that instances of heterogeneous (multivendor) storage are quickly becoming the norm. In an effort to help those tasked with overseeing disparate storage devices better manage this type of storage deployment, here is an overview of its pros and cons, as well as several best practices for more-effective management.

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