2015 State of Virtualization and Storage Management — Survey Results


Most modern data centers have become quagmires of chaos.

With multi-tiered applications, hybrid clouds, multi-sites, and latency-sensitive applications combined with 24×7 expectations, slashed budgets, and a constant rate of change, many data center managers and administrators are in a constant state of struggle, grasping for anything as they (perhaps unknowingly) fall farther into the abyss. Virtualization along with storage monitoring and management solutions are helping, but how widely deployed are they? Are administrators seeing capturing the full promise of proactive problem solving in the data center?

To find out the answers to these questions and more, we surveyed more than 1,300 technologists in early 2015 during our annual State of Virtualization and Storage Management Survey. The survey was designed to gather information about what companies are doing in their data centers when it comes to managing dynamic virtual and storage infrastructures, such as what tools they use, how their tools help them, where their tools could be improved, and much more.

Get the survey results here: 2015 State of Virtualization and Storage Management