10 Storage Predictions For 2016

By Joseph F. Kovar

Top Of Mind In 2016: Restructuring And Consolidation Of The Storage Industry

Storage customers have had time to digest the benefits, capabilities and limitations of new storage technologies including software-defined storage and private and public clouds, and are increasingly turning to those technologies to store data. This trend already has manifested itself in falling revenue for traditional storage arrays and the fast rise in sales of all-flash storage.

Such trends will make for a rocky 2016 as storage vendors jockey for position in their new world order. It’s only January, and the year has already seen a couple of huge venture investments in storage companies while it digests NetApp’s surprise acquisition of SolidFire in December. This is only a preview of what’s yet to come.

2016 indeed will be a very interesting year for storage. Here’s a look at some of what’s on the horizon.

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