[White Paper] Anatomy of a Privileged Account Hack

Over 3 Billion Records Were Exposed Due to Breaches

Cybersecurity is a hot topic these days, affecting more than 3.6 billion Internet users worldwide, including 6 billion email accounts, 2 billion smartphones, 1 billion Apple users, 1 billion Gmail accounts, and almost 2 billion Facebook accounts. All these connections represent opportunities that hackers can exploit for financial gain or to steal our identities in order to access sensitive or proprietary information.

A Google dork query, sometimes just referred to as a dork, is a search string that uses advanced search operators to find information that is not readily available on a website. Google dorking, also known as Google hacking, can return information that is difficult to locate through simple search queries. Google Dorks can be used to find administrator login pages, user names and passwords, vulnerabilities, sensitive documents, open ports, email lists, bank account details, and more.

Examining cyber breaches in the past year, public reports describe more than 500 data breaches, exposing approximately 3 billion information records in 2016. Up to 80 percent of these incidents involve the compromise of passwords or other identity credentials. When our identities are stolen or unknowingly exposed, any attacker can easily bypass traditional perimeter security barriers undetected. And if that identity has access to privileged accounts, hackers can quickly get at critical information assets.

Unfortunately, many IT users lack a full understanding of how privileged accounts function, and how they fit as a key component into the anatomy of a typical breach. That makes IT teams and their organizations much more vulnerable to potential monetary and reputational damage from increasing cyber threats.

This white paper describes the “Anatomy of a Privileged Account Hack.” It explains how outside attackers or malicious insiders can exploit vulnerabilities using examples such as a compromised email account password that escalates into a full-blown breach of network security.

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