Securing the Modern Data Center

By David Edborg

The nature of cyber-attacks is evolving. Traditional cyber-crime centered on the theft of information and attacks to shut down an organization’s Internet presence. Emerging threats include cyber destruction and cyber extortion or blackmail.

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The data that runs our businesses has a lot of value to criminals, particularly data about our customers. A recent study published by Dell SecureWorks pegged the value of banking credentials at 1% to 5% of the account balance, $90 for 300,000 airline points, $30 for an America Express Card, and $500 for credentials to a corporate email account. And cyber extortionists are demanding $600 to $1800 for encryption keys to unlock data held for ransom.

There are basically two primary motivations behind these crimes: criminals that steal information for profit, and hacktivists who seek to shutdown Internet sites or destroy data for ideological reasons.

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