[INFOGRAPHIC] Beware of the Threat of Ransomware

Do you grow tired of cyber experts constantly pleading with you to back up your files to multiple locations? It might seem condescending, and continually ensuring that your files are backed up in several places does take time, but the alternative is running the risk of losing them forever and being out of pocket should ransomware criminals strike.

Ransomware most often occurs when your computer screen is suddenly taken over by a supersized message which renders the rest of the screen unnavigable. The message usually contains a threat demanding payment of a sum of money within a certain timeframe or else your files will be erased permanently. The scariest thing of all is that even if you did co-operate and pay the ransom right away, there is no guarantee that the hacker will release access to your files.

Ransomware is a deadly computing activity and it isn’t just individual users who suffer, either. It has been known for benevolent workplaces such as schools and hospitals to be targeted by ransomware hackers in a show of shameful cynicism. The unfortunate truth is that once a ransomware attack strikes, it is highly unlikely that you’ll come away from it without being at a loss.

Therefore, it’s essentially a matter of taking as many preventative measures as you can to shut out hackers.
Exigent Networks produced the below infographic which highlights how ransomware works and what you can do to reduce the probability of being targeted by hackers.


Beware of the Threat of Ransomware - YourDailyTech
Image Credit: Exigent Networks