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The BI/analytics market has reached a turning point. IT-centric, reporting-based platforms are no longer leading the market, and instead, customers are looking for modern BI and analytics platforms with more agile and advanced capabilities. Modern BI/analytics platforms are more user-driven and rely heavily on interactive, visual dashboards, and these platforms are capable of receiving and analyzing data from a wider variety of sources thanks to the era of Big Data.

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The ability to embed Logi Analytics makes it a compelling choice for OEMs and internal application teams that need a solution that can broadly scale.

Logi Analytics, a computer software company based in Virginia, is one vendor filling the market’s need for a modern BI/analytics platform. Logi Analytics is focused on helping organizations build analytic applications so that their users can get the information they need in the context of where they work in order to make decisions and take action immediately. A short “Meet Logi” video puts it this way: “for ingenious apps powered by addictive analytics, leave it to Logi.”

Logi can be embedded deeper than data discovery tools. Their analytics can be integrated with existing security models, aligned with users’ brands, and infused into existing workflows. Some major companies using Logi include Marriott, 3M, the CDC, AT&T, and FedEX.

Logi’s platform includes Logi Info and modules such as DataHub and Self-Service. Logi Info enables developers to embed analytics content into websites and applications. It deploys scalable dashboards and reports so that self-service analytics can be embedded into final products since today’s users want to perform data analysis themselves instead of simply looking over finalized reports given to them. DataHub deals with data preparation and acts as a columnar data store.


Product Review: Logi Analytics Platform - YourDailyTech
Product Review: Logi Analytics Platform – YourDailyTech


Logi’s ability to embed is the key distinction that sets it apart from other BI/analytics platforms. Logi was listed as the #1 OEM Partner in business intelligence space based on a report released by Gartner in 2016. Logi’s OEM analytics platform allows users to create successful applications faster with deeper-embedded analytics for users’ customers.  Logi Info employs an “Elemental Design” approach that allows for faster times to market than competitors’ solutions, and its versatility with .NET and Java applications allows users to deploy their apps on premise with customers, hosted on their data center, or in cloud-based infrastructure. Logi also goes above and beyond to personalize each user’s experience with their solution. A Logi Solutions Engineer coordinates with a user’s technical team to make sure all technical details are addressed when employing Logi for their web-based applications. Licensing terns are also customized for each OEM so that Logi and its partners create licensing and terms that work well for users’ current models and are designed to grow and change as users’ needs do. Logi and its partner network also support non-commercial applications, so there is an option for every customer. Finally, each Logi customer has a technical account manager assigned to it and is backed up by a team of support desk assistants, architects, technical engineers, and U.S.-based training experts so that customer satisfaction can be ensured before, during, and after launching applications.


Logi Analytics: OEM Phone Sales Analytics Example - YourDailyTech
Logi Analytics: OEM Phone Sales Analytics Example


Key Features and Specifications:

The key features of Logi’s Info BI platform are listed below. A complete description of each feature can be found here. Additional feature descriptions can be found on the Logi Info datasheet. There are additional features and specifications for Logi’s OEM embedded analytics as well.


Product Review: Logi Analytics Platform - YourDailyTech
Key Features – Logi Analytics Platform – YourDailyTech


Gartner released a report on Critical Capabilities for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms in March 2016 which analyzed and ranked 20-30 vendors according to a point system in what they determined were the critical components of successful BI/analytics platforms. Logi ranked in the top third of vendors in areas like Governed Data Discovery, Centralized BI Provisioning Use, Decentralized Analytics Use, and Extranet Deployment. Logi was the top-ranked vendor in OEM/Embedded BI. Other notable vendors consistently scoring well included SAS, Birst, ClearStory Data, and GoodData. Logi stands to improve in its complexity of data analysis as well as metadata management capabilities according to the 2016 report. The ability to augment Logi with existing (and possibly out-of-date) BI/analytics models is precisely what Gartner recommends, which is one of the many reasons it is one of the best choices for a modern BI/analytics platform.

In October 2016, Logi released a new update, Logi 12.2. Overall improvements with this release included more sophisticated embedding, improved self-service visual analysis, and up to 10 times faster performance. Read more details of this update here. A full list of recent news and press releases can be found here. Logi also offers a series of online webinars for customers and potential clients. A list of upcoming webinars and events can also be found on their website.


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