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To compete in today’s market, businesses need to be able to gather, save, send, share, and modify data and documents almost constantly. Document modifications and updates must be shared quickly for workflow efficiency among teammates while also preserving file security. There are several commodity solutions to this problem available from big-name providers like Google and Microsoft Office, but those services can’t always deliver satisfactory enterprise solutions that business professionals need because they also market to everyday consumers.

Citrix looks to meet this need through their content management solution called ShareFile. ShareFile started off as a way for businesses to share and sync files in an easy and efficient manner, and it has only expanded its capabilities since its acquisition by Citrix in 2011. At its core, ShareFile is a Cloud based storage program that grants users remote access to files, does not require files to access local desktop storage, and can operate on a hybrid Cloud.

Work the way you want - ShareFile on YourDailyTech
Work the way you want – ShareFile
Citrix ShareFile has the ease and simplicity of consumer-level file sharing services usability while also offering features that appeal to business professionals. Sharing and requesting files is as easy as clicking a button on the ShareFile dashboard and requesting access via ShareFile or a shareable link. Beyond the basics of it being a file share/sync solution, though, ShareFile operates as a workflow solution instead of a static storage solution, which is ideal for enterprise-level customers. The workflow model allows for easy collaboration on projects through document sharing. Feedback and Approval requests can be made for teammate feedback and assistance by clicking a button to add a contact, set a due date, and send an email all through ShareFile. It provides other features like an integrated e-signature solution and outlook plugin that appeal to businesses.
The Reality of Cloud Security Problems on YDT
The reality of cloud security problems – ShareFile

One of the most important aspects of ShareFile is security. Citrix puts security at the forefront of ShareFile because they believe the combination of easy file sharing and reliable security makes ShareFile a complete enterprise solution. Files are encrypted at all times, and IT has total control over access permissions and sharing capabilities. ShareFile has a remote wipe feature that can clear any saved passwords or data from compromised devices, and it can integrate with popular data loss prevention systems like McAfee DLP Prevent and RSA DLP. Other security features include comprehensive rights managements features (e.g. watermark applications, geo-fencing of content), password-protected documents and folders, and Sword & Shield-validated secure remote access. Senior manager of product marketing at Citrix, Adrian Phillips, puts it simply: “We check those security boxes so that we allow our clients and customers to benefit from Cloud storage.”

ShareFile is a fully-scalable solution with customers ranging from massive enterprises to sole proprietors. Its operation as Cloud storage allows for unlimited storage capacity, and it can be combined with local storage services for a hybrid model. ShareFile can operate on mobile devices powered by Microsoft, Apple, and Android, allowing for remote access from anywhere on an authorized device.

Key Features and Specifications

– Personal and Shared Folders for organizational ease
– Advanced Sync Tool that ensures document modifications in sync folders will automatically update in ShareFile
– View File Access that can confirm whether partner have or have not viewed shared documents
– An Outlook Plugin that can convert existing attachments into a ShareFile link
– E-signature Tool to easily and securely sign and approve documents
– Out-of-the-box 10 GB file size capacity with configuration capabilities for files as large as 100 GB


To productivity and beyond: prioritizing technology for the future of work - Download Report
To productivity and beyond: prioritizing technology for the future of work – Download Report


ShareFile has come out with several new features in 2017. A full description of the new and updated features for 2017 can be read here. A summary of these updates includes:

– ShareFile add-on for users with Microsoft Outlook for Mac and Online. Mac users can now experience ShareFile as easily as Windows users.
– Desktop Application for Mac users that provides access to ShareFile without a web browser.
– Validation of ShareConnect’s secure remote access by Sword & Shield, which complies with HIPPA and HITECH Acts for healthcare users.
– Editing features with Office for on-premise storage zones instead of solely cloud-premise storage zones.
– ShareFile Exchange Connector, which allows users to download, share, and keep track of documents sent as file attachments by automatically synchronizing files shared via Microsoft Exchange with ShareFile.

ShareFile has obvious competitors like Dropbox or Google Drive. ShareFile tends to out-perform this competition because of its enterprise capabilities. Other enterprise-level players include Barracuda, AirWatch, and Egnyte. According to a study published by Info-Tech on Cloud File Sharing vendors, ShareFile was named one of the Champions, beating out many of its competitors for vendor status and/or product capabilities. In Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing, ShareFile was competing only with Box for the Leaders quadrant. Gartner highlighted ShareFile’s security and team-based workflow model as two of its major strengths. Additional comparison of ShareFile with its competitors can be found viewed here.

Citrix recently hosted Citrix TechEdge 2017 in Orlando, Florida (May 2017) and Citrix Synergy Orlando 2017 (also May 2017). A series of webinars for all Citrix products as well as ShareFile can be found here along with a comprehensive list of upcoming events in the U.S. and internationally. Additional news, press releases, and blog links can be found on Citrix’s news page.

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