[Peer Review] SmartCareEHR: An Electronic Health Record Software Solution

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Woods Services

Company Size by Employee

1,000 – 5,000


Hospital & Health Care

What was the problem you were trying to solve or goal you were trying to accomplish?

To implement an Electronic Health Record.

Hardware/Software Vendor Chosen

Streamline Healthcare Solutions

System Integrator Chosen (if any)

No Answer

Professional Services Team or Managed Service Provider Chosen (if any)

Afia Health

Name of Product, Solution or Description of Services you are reviewing (include version number if applicable)


Anything else you would like to add?

Woods Services has been using paper for all Clinical documents pertaining to the long term healthcare of its individuals served. Billing of services, ISPs, IHPs, Behavioral Support Plans, Progress Notes, and MARs were all to be included in the application.

How long have you been using the product, solution or service you are reviewing?

7-12 Months

Your review of the result.

We are live using the billing functionality. The clinical documents have been designed and delivered. Woods decided not to continue with the implementation and search for a replacement EHR. The process of designing custom screens and functionality and then testing the delivered product was too much for staff at Woods. No one wanted to take the time and energy required to test the software. Streamline is slow to make designs and changes and the software is delivered unusable. Much time and effort is required to fix the bugs and make the code useable

Thoughts on customer service / technical support.

Customer service is outstanding. Streamline hand-holds clients through the process of designing the software to exactly meet your specifications. Their programmers are from India and the translation from the US to India gets misconstrued which lengthens the project.

Which competitive options (if any) did you evaluate?

Netsmart’s My Evolve, CoCentrix, Echo, Qualifacts, and LWSI

Any advice you would like to provide others considering the same product, solution or service?

Make sure you have a group in place that can commit time and effort into designing a system.

Please assign a ranking of 1-5 for the company, product or service you are reviewing?

4- Above Average, Recommend