Enterprise Report: Network Outages, Breaches and Vulnerabilities

Veriflow has just announced that its network verification platform is now active. At the heart of this platform lie patented continuous verification algorithms, used to track network behavior and make mathematical predictions on whether the network is secure. This platform is a virtual appliance that has the ability to operate on-premises or in the cloud, as desired. With this new offering Veriflow is attempting to cut down on network outages and reduce vulnerability to network threats.

With this product announcement, Veriflow is also releasing a new report entitled “Network Complexity, Change, and Human Factors Are Failing the Business.” This was a global survey where over three hundred network professionals participated – IT managers, executives and individual contributors. The results of the survey were eye-opening for those in the industry who deal with network maintenance and preventing outages. Of the survey participants, 97 percent admitted to human error causing network outages, and 69 percent said that manual processes are in place to ensure proper network operation. However, 66 percent said that less than half of their network issues can be predicted by a monitoring solution. A similar percentage admitted that a network issue can be ongoing for at least an hour before it is reported, and when that happens, a solution is usually not reached in under an hour. The report itself has more details, but the message is clear – there is a need for better network monitoring systems, especially as the complexity of networks continues to grow. Veriflow’s platform attempts to take aim at that need.


Veriflow Final Survey Infographic


Key Takeaways:

–  Veriflow is announcing a network verification platform, primarily designed to help cut down on network outages.

–  Part of the reason for this product release is for companies to have a better plan than manual, ad hoc maintenance of issues after they occur and are diagnosed. An automatic solution would be preferable.

–  According to a recent survey, Veriflow found that there is a strong need for such an automatic monitoring solution among IT companies worldwide.