ZeroStack Adds New Packaging Option for Cloud Deployment

The Mountain View, CA-based startup ZeroStack announced that it had developed an additional cloud deployment option for its OpenStack private cloud. This private cloud can be purchased in a SaaS model and managed through a web portal. It is designed to be the most flexible private cloud solution in the industry, offering many different hardware and software options for interested enterprises. As ZeroStack’s VP of Market put it: “We are finding with private cloud that every customer has a unique profile, so we are giving people maximum choice. We are still in the early days of understanding the private-public mix.”

ZeroStack has long been offering its Z-Block Cloud Appliance platform, a turnkey platform that included a KVM hypervisor, compute and storage, and networking and management software. More recently, ZeroStack had expanded support to include validated models of HPE, Dell, Cisco UCS, and Super Micro hardware. This newest announcement is for a license-only option; that is, to deploy ZeroStack on supported pre-existing server hardware, and only the license would need purchasing.

For some companies, the newfound ability to purchase a ZeroStack license for existing hardware could prove attractive. As Garrison put it: “About 50 percent of our customers coming into the door are looking to reuse existing assets, and aren’t looking to make a new hardware commitment. It’s part of a trend of people moving from virtualized to cloud IT. This lets them make a kind of baby step without commitment by being able to port software onto an existing server.”

Key Takeaways

– ZeroStack is adding new deployment flexibility to existing options for deploying its private cloud.
– This new option involves a license-only model – you purchase the ZeroStack software and deploy on existing hardware.
– ZeroStack software can still be purchased as part of an entire virtualized hardware/software platform, or integrated with  supported third-party hardware.