Why Cloud is the Key to Achieving DevOps Value

By Brian Blanchard, VP of Cloud Solutions at 10th Magnitude

DevOps promises to increase the velocity, quality and cost-effectiveness of software delivery. But how do you start to implement the types of changes that quickly reduce the cost and complexity of your on-going IT operations?

To find out, join Brian Blanchard, Vice President of Cloud Solutions at 10th Magnitude and learn why cloud is the catalyst that can help your organization quickly unlock the value of DevOps. You will learn:

• Which four key DevOps components are necessary to start adding value right away

• Why the flexibility of cloud is a natural fit for DevOps

• How to use public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure to jumpstart your DevOps transformation

Many companies that initially struggled to achieve the full potential of DevOps have employed cloud to make their transition successful. Brian will share best practices drawn from 10th Magnitude’s work helping customers combine cloud implementation with DevOps adoption.

View Webinar Here: Why Cloud is the Key to Achieving DevOps Value

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