[eBook] To Move to The Cloud or Stay On-Prem?

Tips for answering your biggest EPM question

To migrate to the cloud or stay on-premises? For Oracle EPM users, that really is the question. Oracle’s push to the cloud came with some natural blowback from customers, prompting the software corporation to extend on-prem premier support for another 13 years (until 2030) and promise a new on-prem release — a “customer-driven” version 11.2.

Unfortunately, this news leaves Oracle on-prem EPM users with more questions than answers. The good news is you have time to figure out what you’re going to do about this push to the cloud. But you’re probably wondering, “Why upgrade to a new version when it’s just going to lose support in the next decade?”

There are many different aspects to consider when deciding to migrate to the cloud or stay on-prem. And, maybe you don’t have to choose between those two options at all. In this eBook, we’ll cover everything you need to know to help you make the best decision for your organization, including:

  • What is “the cloud”?
  • Benefits (and pitfalls) of moving to the Oracle EPM Cloud
  • Benefits (and pitfalls) of staying with Oracle Hyperion on-prem
  • How you can have the best of both worlds

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