The New Couple to Watch: Actifio and Cintra

Actifio, the copy data virtualization company, announced early in June that it will have a partnership with Cintra, one of the global leaders in Oracle Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Services. Cintra is utilizing the Actifio platform to deliver “data-as-a-service,” which will help enterprise customers accelerate their goal to achieving a more agile IT model, even if they are still operating with traditional data management architecture now.

Cintra has been a partner with Oracle since 1996 and has become a platinum partner in providing Oracle Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Services. Considering Actifio’s own past relationship with Oracle, it makes sense that Cintra would seek out a reliable platform like Actifio that is so widely used and already compatible with Oracle.

Actifio has partnerships other than Oracle with several big industry names including Linux, VMWare, Google, Amazon Web Services, Sharepoint, Microsoft SQL, and more. Actifio’s platform is already well-developed and established as a manager of copy data virtualization, which would further the success and possibilities of Cintra’s offerings.

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For enterprises seeking options that could better propel the company into the digital business realm, they should be looking to restructure, reorganize and re-prioritize the needs of the company to make it more cost effective, agile and efficient. For them, the news of this partnership of Actifio and Cintra can only be good news.

Cintra has helped customers undergo digital transformation through Oracle-based architecture for over twenty years from their headquarters in New York City. With a wide customer base, the experience of Cintra combined with the established and developed platform from Actifio, the option is a great solution worthy of research for enterprise businesses. First, businesses should decide if the Cintra-Actifio DaaS solution is a good match for their needs.

According to Cintra, its mission is to help organizations transform their IT model and empower them to focus on delivering business results by establishing modern agile architectures while also managing and maintaining their critical systems. Actifio’s approach of Copy Data Virtualization supports this by helping customers decouple their data from their infrastructures, which enables improvement in business resiliency, agility and access to the cloud.

For companies unsure of where to begin, Cintra offers a full range of Enterprise Architecture solutions, covering the spectrum from early-stage architectural assessment and road-mapping, through to blueprinted implementations and proactive managed services.

With Actifio, Cintra will now be able to give its customers a holistic solution around their data, including services like data backup, cloning and recovery, enabling agility and efficiencies needed in the digital age for a digital business while keeping costs under control.

For both businesses, the partnership is a clear win.

Abdul Sheikh, CTO and co-founder of Cintra, noted: “As we help more of our clients modernize their approach to applications and database technology, they increasingly need agile, reliable access to their critical data to support development and operations, including use cases such as instant production issue troubleshooting and agile development to support new levels of innovation to drive business value. Actifio’s class-leading platform gives our customers the means to do that more efficiently than ever before.”

Similarly, Ash AShutosh, Founder and CEO of Actifio expressed his excitement for the deal: “The Cintra team recognizes the transformative impact copy data virtualization can have on its services and its customers. Cintra’s wealth of experience in helping enterprise customers modernize and streamline their IT, and its heritage in key verticals such as financial services, retail and air travel, make them an ideal partner for Actifio.”

This new partnership should only excited IT enterprise businessmen and companies looking for more diverse solutions for transforming their data management. Though several choices and vendors already exist, this collaboration of two very experienced vendors will only help further push the sophistication and creativity of possibilities available in this technological market segment.

Lindsey Cobb

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