Take Your Digital Transformation From Concept to Reality

By Scott Peyser

Companies are putting more strain on their data centers and IT departments than ever before.

For instance, consider the exponential growth in data volume in recent years. According to research firm Statista, the amount of cloud data center IP traffic globally is expected to swell from 1,177 exabytes in 2012, to 6,854 exabytes by 2018 (let’s remember that 1 exabyte is approximately 1 billion Gigabytes). The number of connected devices and associated services that must be supported through the Internet of Things (IoT) has grown accordingly.

But are you doing enough? At this point small IT changes can no longer yield big results. Today, if you want to capture new digital revenue streams, develop smarter products, and enhance the customer experience, smart businesses need to undergo a digital evolution to thrive in the future.

The only way to innovate and optimize is to transform the technology we use to deliver IT services. While a transition of this magnitude is no easy feat – it’s essential.

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