Review: Quorum onQ 4.0 Part 2: Most Complete Suite in Disaster Recovery Solutions

Product Review: Quorum onQ 4.0

Quorum, the global leader in one-click disaster recovery has announced its onQ version 4.0 will be made available to consumers the first week of December. The newest version of the onQ disaster recovery solution offers the industry’s most complete suite of high availability, disaster recovery and hybrid cloud (DraaS) solutions.

With onQ 4.0’s Instant Recovery, a virtual clone of a company’s production servers starts in minutes with one click.

Promising consolidation and simplicity, onQ 4.0 addresses customer concerns within the realm of disaster recovery. In a recent study conducted by Quorum, State of Disaster Recovery Report, 64 percent of respondents are using more than three different disaster recovery solutions, and 26 percent are using over five. Ninety percent of respondents were interested in consolidation.

With onQ 4.0’s new user interface, use of the solution has never been simpler. The browser-based, single view, color-coded interface helps for easy problem identification, giving IT teams more time to address the problem and find a solution. All features available with onQ 4.0 are delivered and managed from a single management console.

In the study conducted by Quorum, 72 percent of respondents listed speed of recovery time extremely crucial, with 80 percent saying it takes over an hour to recover from severe failure. With onQ 4.0’s Instant Recovery, a virtual clone of a company’s production servers starts in minutes with one click.

Now a company’s disaster recovery time is cut from hours or days to just minutes. onQ 4.0 also has Automated DR Testing, meaning every time a new backup is created, the clone is started and tested to be sure it will run when it is needed. Many companies report not testing their disaster recovery solutions because of the time needed, the disruption to the company and the manpower necessary. With onQ, testing is automated and disruption free.

In Quorum’s recent study, 89 percent of respondents reported wanting to implement more cloud-based DR. With onQ, a company can choose from many different structures to find the best disaster recovery solution for them. Delivered as a scalable hardware appliance or a virtual machine, or as a cloud service (DRaaS), onQ can be configured to fit any business’ needs.

“This release is significant in that we are offering customers the only solution that provides HA, DR and DraaS in a single pane of glass.” said Simon Pearce, CEO, Quorum, “We are focused on being the fastest recovery solution in the market offering one-click recovery to any combination of infrastructure. This is an underserved market; customers are trying to get by with old technology and onQ version 4.0 represents the next generation in disaster recovery capability.”

“A product that can cut recovery time from hours to minutes, and a solution set that outdoes all of our competitors speaks for itself,” said Darin Pendergraft, Vice President of Product Marketing. “The ability to perform automated self-testing and cloud sandboxing with any combination of HA, DR or DraaS, makes Quorum onQ 4.0 a highly competitive offering in this mature marketplace.”

Quorum onQ is the global leader in Unified Recovery, providing everything you need for immediate recovery of your critical systems after any storage, system or site failure. Quorum is headquartered in San Jose CA with offices all around the world. Quorum Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions provide organizations with both local and remote instant recovery capabilities for their servers, applications and data. Quorum’s patented onQ technology is purpose-built for exceptionally fast and reliable failover. It is military-grade and was originally developed for U.S. Naval combat systems.

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