Quanta Cloud Technology and Microsoft Fronts Form Enterprise Cloud

Most recently, at the Microsoft Ignite event held in Atlanta, GA, Quanta Cloud Technology was excited to announce QCT’s most recent line of products, QxStack Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Cloud Ready Appliances operating the newest Windows Server 2016 Platform.

Microsoft announced the Windows Server 2016 Platform, which contains software-defined datacenter (SDDC) technologies, early in the Microsoft Ignite event. The Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Platform includes software-defined computing, storage and networking virtualization, flexibility and scalability capabilities all inspired by Microsoft Azure. QCT’s QxStack Cloud Ready Appliances includes these elements already pre-installed to help support appliances to be cloud ready and scalable from anywhere within four nodes to sixteen nodes in the same cluster.

QCT’s QxStack utilizes hyperconverged technology to better serve enterprise data centers for scaling, cost management, and digital technology needs. Before the product will be released onto the market, it is being validated by the Windows Server Software-Defined Program as is required. WSSD is a Microsoft program that confirms that vendors that utilize Windows Server 2016 affirm best practices and requirements outlined by Microsoft.

For workloads and enterprises that will have a high capacity demand, the QCT appliance lineup includes a “stack on the ultra-density configuration that offers sixteen hot-swappable disks in a 1U form factor,” according to a press release. Additionally, the release stated that “for OLTP, VDI, IaaS and Data Warehouse workloads, QCT also offers NVMe cache tier with high-capacity SATA SSDs and HDDs for a blend of high performance and capacity.”

The setup is meant to create high availability for enterprises as data centers need to be constantly available for supporting the digital business environment. QxStack Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Cloud Ready Appliances’ setup aims to eliminate any possible points of failure from the infrastructure to the fabric management.  In order to support the virtualization and scaling needed by the digital environment, QxStack was designed with high density and competent, reliable performance in mind for the best price.

In a press release, Mike Yang, senior vice president of Quanta Computer and president of QCT, commented, “QCT has made a big commitment to software-defined and hyperconverged solutions for our customers.  [W]e now offer our clients the most diverse lineup of pre-integrated cloud hardware and software solutions, all ready to deploy and backed by the most trusted names in enterprise computing. QxStack Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Cloud-Ready Appliances are the latest example of our ongoing and in-depth collaborations with these industry leaders.”

QCT is a global datacenter provider that specializes in hyperscale cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure is a strong partner of Microsoft.

“Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 offer our most cloud-ready server operating system and management solution ever, with exciting new innovations to help customers transform applications, build a software-defined datacenter with cloud efficiencies, and keep IT safer than ever. The complementary solutions and services from our partners are what truly bring the innovations to life for our customers,” Erin Chapple, general manager, Program Management for Windows Server, Microsoft Corp said in an earlier press release.


Key Takeaways:

– Quanta Cloud Technology, a partner of Microsoft, is releasing a hyperconverged cloud compatible technology for enterprises. Those products are QxStack Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Cloud Ready Appliances.

– QxStack Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Cloud Ready Appliances utilizes the new Microsoft Server 2016 Platform which includes software-defined datacenter (SDDC) technologies inspired by Microsoft Azure.

– There are great features in this product including software defined storage that offers 16 hot-swappable disks in a 1U form for high capacity and data warehousing. Additionally, the appliance is scalable from four to sixteen nodes in a single cluster for virtualization handling.

Lindsey Cobb

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