Part I: Modernization and the IT Dilemma

By Vikas Arora

The theme from this year’s EMC World was Modernization, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s the word on everyone’s lips as enterprises and governments across APJ and beyond look to embrace digital business models, transform to IT-as-a-Service, and embark on the journey to modernize data center infrastructure, applications and IT operations. Yet for all the talk about modernization and digital transformation, for many IT executives, this call to modernize causes a dilemma.

Much of this dilemma is caused by trying to strike a balance between getting up to speed with new solutions, moving forwards & developing innovative new programs; while keeping critical business applications running and managing the costs of both. There is also the struggle to ensure that any new investment generates measurable ROI for the business, as quickly as possible. Something that not every IT executive feels comfortable doing.

This is why I advise anyone tasked with driving a modernization project to pause and take stock of what the organization already has and where exactly it wants to go, before actually embarking on the journey. Take the time it needs to answers these questions:

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