Hybrid Cloud Cookbook: DevOps is Not Just Platform 3 Hype

By Harri Kallioniemi

I often get from customers that they are not Platform 3 companies which build fancy consumer facing mobile applications, and thus there is no need for continuous delivery and other DevOps promises.  They are absolutely right, and at the same time they are ignoring the best things that have hit the IT industry in a long time.

If I look back at my 20 years in this industry, I cannot find a single IT project where we couldn’t have substantially benefited from DevOps, even when I was doing PL1 programming on mainframe. What confuses people is that we talk about continuous deployment as the goal—but this is really only a side effect of running professional IT—and that is what DevOps is all about. In other words, going from individual-based artisan work to team effort where basic processes and platforms are well-defined and maintained.

There is a fundamental approach issue in traditional application development projects. We tend to believe that testing and deployments are phases after development work has been finalized, and there is no need to worry about those before we get to that phase. This leads to the two major issues. First, we run into more quality issues and, second, our time to deploy new releases becomes much harder and longer than anticipated, which causes the project to be delayed. The sequential nature of traditional application development, with its complex processes, leads to a highly stressful, compressed timeline to resolve issues as they are found and this pressure only increases with each failed round of testing.

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