Embrace Choice When Thinking Cloud Native Transformation

By Scott Bills

One of the biggest struggles our client executives face when driving application transformation is around the balance between experimentation and control. Infrastructure leaders in particular have difficulty balancing the desire to provide developers the speed the business demands, while at the same time driving adoption of standard enterprise platforms.

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This challenge is particularly acute for global enterprises with organizationally and geographically distributed software development teams. As these teams often sit with the business it’s natural that their loyalty is more closely tied to their internal customers rather than IT. As their business customers are providing constant pressure for speed and agility, app dev teams haven’t had the luxury of waiting for Corporate IT.

Application teams with a well-honed sense of survival have deployed Cloud Native application platforms on their own to enable continuous delivery, DevOps and microservices models. Open source tools and cloud platforms have provided applications teams with a variety of options including:

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