Cloud Computing Gets Put to the Test

By Scott Sinclair, ESG & Bernie Behn, Avere Systems

With cloud computing being a top technology area of increased spending, many enterprises are validating cloud compute resources for the promise of cost savings, efficiency, and dependability. Organizations that rely on compute-intensive operations such as media, financial analysis, and scientific research, find the ability to quickly scale compute resources up and down as well as create off-site archives invaluable to operational advancement. In this webinar, analyst Scott Sinclair will look at the state of the cloud computing market and how its adoption is progressing based on recent ESG research and ESG conducted lab results where a leading compute solution was put to the test. These test results attempt to measure the ease of installation, data movement simplicity, scalability, instance job management, and cost reduction opportunities for architectures using Avere vFXT technology with Google Cloud Platform.

View Webinar Here: Cloud Computing Gets Put to the Test

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