Buy My Cloud: On-Boarding Customers to Cloud Offerings, Part 1


So you’ve got your nice new cloud offering, in fact you’ve probably got more cloud offerings than you ever thought possible. What, with secure versions, multi-tenant, single-tenant, public, enterprise-public, managed, private-managed and even hybrid. Having multiple cloud offerings is more of a common occurrence than you might think.

In fact, most cloud service providers I visit and talk to have multiple cloud platforms, all with differing capabilities, service-levels, and geographic reach.

However, having all of these various cloud go-to-market offerings can be complicated to keep up with and continually manage. It’s a mystery how the global sales force that are meeting potential and existing customers daily to position these cloud credentials and unique differentiating selling points can keep up with these ever changing offerings.

Let’s now take a look at what can happen if these cloud offerings are not positioned or sold properly or optimally.

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