Be a Healthcare IT Hero….Not a Superhero……

By Roger Burnett

As we roll into the warmer weather, all things are turning to the familiar sights and sounds of summer. One of my favorite signs of summer, aside from the rising mercury, is the arrival of the big budget summer blockbusters. The key to a good summer movie, besides the explosions and potential worldwide catastrophe, is the hero. Fast, strong, dependable, nothing is better than a hero; except maybe a team of superheroes.

Sadly, as healthcare IT professional, we lack laser vision, and the ability to fly, but we can help those that depend on us by being faster, stronger, and available (without the need of a roof-top spotlight with a copyrighted logo).

Most of the IT leaders I speak with feel like IT can and should be more aligned with the business and be able to provide services faster, with cost transparency, all while protecting patient and business sensitive data, also serving users who work inside the healthcare system facilities but do not work for the system directly as employees. What I tell them is that to be an IT hero, cataloging what you deliver as a “Well-Defined Service” is the first step.

According to a study by EMC and VMware 52% of healthcare IT professional do not have a self-service portal or service catalog in place. That number balloons to 92%, when we include those that have just started to develop a service catalog but have not fully implemented one.

A well-defined service in most cases is based on what you already offer today, just more carefully cataloged. For example, if you offer a clinical desktop today using VDI, a well-defined service may involve:

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