A Secure Cloud Migration Solution from Quorum onQ

The use of cloud storage for companies to protect their most important digital assets is ever-increasing. A 2016 report by Forrester showed that 38 percent of over one thousand North American and European buyers of enterprise infrastructure technology are building private clouds, that 32 percent will obtain public cloud services and the rest plan to install a type of cloud technology within the next year.

Coupled with the increased use in cloud storage is the focus on the importance of a secure cloud migration. According to Quorum’s State of Disaster Recovery Report 2016, 53 percent of top IT professionals are more worried about security threats than hardware failure, backup disk corruption or other issues. Quorum recommends that one of the important things a company needs to consider before migrating is what the difference is between managing security in-house and managing it with a cloud provider.

Luckily, Quorum provides Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Companies can deploy or test backups and recovery of critical applications within a moment’s notice using the security of Quorum Hybrid Cloud Solution, an extension to the company’s award-winning onQ High Availability (HA) appliance solution. Quorum maintains a world-class, secure data center that is built to ensure the highest performance, safest and most stable environment possible. All data transferred from the High Availability (HA) appliance to the Disaster Recovery (DR) cloud solution goes through a 128 bit AES encrypted session behind a 256 bit AES VPN tunnel that is connected directly from the HA appliance to the DR Cloud solution.

A Secure Cloud Migration Solution from Quorum onQ - YourDailyTech

There is a dedicated firewall isolating each individual virtual network enabling access to the DR recovery node. All connections to the DR nodes are done via VPN through that firewall. The Quorum data centers that will be hosting your company’s applications are Tier 1, state of the art, PCI, HIPAA and SOC 2 certified.

Quorum’s appliance and hybrid cloud solutions are compliant with all major standards related to data security. Quorum’s solutions have been fully certified to PCI (Payment Card Industry) data standards and are fully compliant with HIPAA, SOX, and financial auditing standards such as FDIC and CUNA.

For organizations that want the security and cost savings of DRaaS, the onQ local appliance can be configured to send compressed encrypted data to the Quorum cloud, providing offsite disaster recovery at a fraction of the cost. The Quorum cloud is private and is owned and operated by Quorum, so you know your company’s DR data is secure.

Of course, there are steps your company needs to take independently to ensure your migration goes safely. Since your assets are most vulnerable during the move you need to secure any link that connects or upload them through a secure SSL or use other security measures. Also, don’t forget to encrypt your data before it goes into the cloud. Someone on your team should be in charge of continuously monitoring manual access to the data once it is in the cloud in order to suss out suspicious activity. Further safety tips can be found on Quorum’s blog post about six steps to secure cloud migration.

Keep in mind that Quorum is a single solution that is a fast and simple way to protect your data while leading the industry in backup and recovery speeds. onQ enables your company to easily perform a bare metal restore (BMR) to dissimilar hardware and/or platforms with physical-to-virtual, virtual-to-virtual, virtual-to-physical and physical-to-physical options. You cannot only have it perform a full BMR with one click, but also perform incremental failback. For example, instead of requiring the downtime needed to restore your entire 2TB file server, which could take hours, you would only need the downtime sufficient to recover the amount of data changed since the failover and the less downtime means the less of a hit your business endures. To learn more about onQ’s features, click here.

Quorum onQ is the global leader in Unified Recovery, providing everything you need for immediate recovery of your critical systems after any storage, system or site failure. Quorum is headquartered in San Jose CA with offices all around the world. Quorum Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions provides organizations with both local and remote instant recovery capabilities for their servers, applications and data. Quorum’s patented onQ technology is purpose-built for exceptionally fast and reliable failover. It is military-grade and was originally developed for U.S. Naval combat systems.

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