5 Key Considerations for Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

By Eddie Tsiao

Modern day, data backup and recovery solutions have moved from traditional tape and hardware-dependent solutions to cloud-based solutions that offer agencies a far more nimble means of recovering critical data in the event of any disruption. Although the cloud is becoming more accepted by the public and private sector, there remain concerns about moving data to the cloud and relying on the cloud to continue workflow without disruption should a primary server fail, for example.

Government agencies, charged with responsibility for data privacy and protection, must feel confident any cloud-based disaster recovery solution they put into place will add efficiency and more reliable storage and retrieval. IT managers may also be looking at a combination of data backup and recovery solutions, for example, that maintain some data on site and move other data direct to the cloud. As we see with the adoption of hybrid cloud solutions, integrating the cloud into an agency’s day-to-day backup and recovery operation is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

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