Yellowfin Launches First Virtualized, Integrated Data Preparation Module

The Business Intelligence software company Yellowfin, who we wrote about at YDT a few months ago, has recently come out with another important announcement. They announced that they are launching the first integrated, virtualized data preparation module to be released in the analytics industry. A data preparation module is used to transform data into a consistent format so it can be managed and further manipulated. As Yellowfin CEO and co-founder Glen Rabie puts it, “Yellowfin’s virtualized Data Preparation Module uniquely addresses the cost, complexity, security and inefficiency issues encountered by typical approaches to data preparation. No other vendor in the market is solving data preparation challenges in the same way as Yellowfin.” (For details on data preparation, consider checking out Yellowfin’s brochure.)

What was the reason for creating this new module? Rabie spoke to the advantages of having a company’s data in a single location, as opposed to undergoing data migration. Yellowfin Product Marketing Manager Ivan Seow said that Yellowfin’s model was a lower-cost, less complex solution. “Typical data preparation and analytics practices, conducted in separate software applications, introduce unnecessary data provisioning bottlenecks,” said Seow. “Then, there’s the expense of learning and maintaining two products. Yellowfin avoids the chaos of traditional data preparation by delivering a single source of truth for all enterprise data.”

Along with this announcement, Yellowfin is announcing the launch of the newest version of their business analytics platform. This release, which will be version 7.3, has a number of additional features besides the integrated data preparation module. For more information on the new platform release, please check out Yellowfin’s website.

Key Takeaways: 

– Yellowfin has created the first virtual data preparation module to be integrated into a business analytics platform.

– The integrated module allows companies to not have to migrate their data to new locations for processing, which adds complexity and cost.

– Yellowfin also announced that version 7.3 of their business intelligence platform is now available. The data preparation module will be integrated into this platform.