Unleashing the Power of SAP Crystal Solutions for Your Organization

YourDailyTech outlined the advantages of midsize businesses utilizing the affordable SAP Crystal Reports 2016 to drive their enterprise analytics. This article will explain what your organization can customize through SAP Crystal Solutions’ reports, dashboards and server.

SAP Crystal Reports is a user-friendly platform that can turn almost any data source into interactive, actionable reports that can be accessed multiple ways so you can present the important information in a way that makes sense to your business users. One of its main highlights is that its visual reports are quick and easy to create. This solution is a timesaver from the start with its WYSIWYG interface, instant data refreshes and minimal time spent formatting.

You can utilize almost any source of data you can think of, including SQL, spreadsheets, enterprise systems like JD Edwards, cloud services like Salesforce, and spreadsheets like Excel. It even can integrate your live business data or web services. After you connect your data, SAP Crystal Reports makes it easy to sort and filter reports. You can also add, change or create new report objects at runtime with software development kits (SDKs). Besides simply placing parts of these sources on the report design surface, you can also put them on the designs surface through either SAP Crystal’s syntax or BASIC custom formulas.


Unleashing the Power of SAP Crystal Reports for Your Organization - YourDailyTech

Thanks to a broad range of available formatting options through SAP Dashboard Design, business users can apply absolute or conditional rules to ensure that the design of their reports matches their company’s branding while also creating a visually appealing report in the format of the reader’s choice. Along with a variety of visualization components like gauges, dials and maps, your reports can also feature dynamic charts and videos through Adobe Flash, execute business decisions through Adobe Flex, data visualizations and small amounts of GIS functionality. All of it is easy for even non-designers to create through a point-and-click interface, prebuilt templates and color palettes while running what-if scenarios for your business.

SAP Crystal Server makes delivering your business intelligence reports to the right users easy. You can schedule the reports and send them with personalized form letters, even if they go out to thousands of recipients, as well as schedule regular database clean ups. These interactive reports can be viewed in any environment including on desktop, mobile screen or as part of your business processes with XML exporting offline. Use a simple keyword search to find information from any data source, and base a single SAP Crystal Reports document on multiple data sources.

Other features in this 2016 version include:

  • An every named user license to access the server
  • Design reports and dashboards
  • A read-only format
  • Conditional box Formatting
  • Right-to-left text formatting
  • Vertical text alignment options
  • Versatile mobile support
  • A parameter description display
  • More file formats for exporting and compatibility with Windows Servers 2008 R2, Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2 and Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 desktop.

All of this means, for example, that a retailer can set up SAP Crystal Reports without outside help and implement their inventory that’s on the shelves and in the warehouse. When someone buys a product, and the store’s cashier rings them up, the data transfers in real-time from the cash register back to the warehouse workers’ tablets to alert them to replace the product on the shelves. Along with moving that product with other replacement items to the storefront, the warehouse employees also can see how much inventory they have and order more stock right there. The store’s proprietor can track the change in product quantities from the store’s office desktop and brainstorm a marketing promotion around what is selling well and what is not.

A review written in August of 2016 by a biotechnology company with five to ten thousand employees on TrustRadius.com touted the ease of making useful reports from multiple data sources, especially without third party reporting tools. “SAP Crystal Reports is used for users and roles mapping. This is easy to use, from basic reports to the more complex. It’s easy for a manager to know what to request as access for particular transaction codes and roles for the required position,” they wrote. The review continued by detailing how they integrated the platform in with their business, “SAP’s different modules are integrated. They were used a lot in mapping users to HR positions and reporting for segregation of duties (SOD) and user access reviews (UAR) for our audit, and it worked very well.”

SAP provides a wide variety of resources to learn, implement and benefit from SAP Crystal Reports 2016. Your team can get started with a free trial. Video resources on YouTube include ones about how to get started with the installation, visualizing your data and taking SAP Crystal Reports to the next level; there’s even one that’s a full hour that shows step-by-step how to create reports in the interface. On SAP’s website, you can download the SAP Crystal Reports Installation Guide and SAP Crystal Server Installation Guide for Linux or Windows to plan your installation or upgrade. The site also includes resources for any business that wants to use SAP Crystal Reports, including training courses and official product tutorials.

Companies can unleash the power of SAP Crystal Server’s integrated business intelligence tools to make informed decisions about their data analytics thanks to the versatility of SAP Crystal Reports and aesthetically-pleasing SAP Crystal Dashboard Design. All of this is available for the affordable price of $869. For questions, please send an email to [email protected].

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