Tech Talk: Thinking Differently About Support – How to Use MyService360 to Unlock the Wonders of Big Data

By Mary Cay Kosten

At EMC, we want to enable our customers to unlock the wonders of big data and provide them with a modern customer service experience. MyService360™ does just that…it revolutionizes the product and service experience to unlock the MOST value for our customers. MyService360™ is a one-stop shop for personalized, actionable insights about our customer’s service and support environments.

This video provides insight on MyService360™, our new service-centric online dashboard that gives you deep visibility into the health and wellness of your EMC environment. It’s a new feature of EMC Online Support that provides visually compelling and intuitive ways to get personalized views of your global environments and service experience, powered by the EMC Data Lake™.

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We will take you through this new online capability, and discuss key benefits and capabilities such as Install Base overview, analysis of code levels, as well as the ability to see where your service requests are awaiting your action.

If you’d like to learn more about MyService360™, check out our service overview or let us know via the comment section on below. We look forward to your comments as well as your ideas on how we can continue to best serve you.



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