Tech Talk: Intelligent Data Mobility (Faster, Cheaper, Easier Data Migrations)

By Keith Waryas

Traditional data migration is disruptive, expensive, and time-consuming. And worse, it has always been a speed bump to you realizing the value of new storage infrastructure. With the pace of change and the agility business is demanding of IT, it’s time to break that mold, and to modernize the way you onboard your existing data and applications to new infrastructures.

EMC migrates more data than any vendor in the industry. Through this proven experience and insight, we’ve created a framework that we call Intelligent Data Mobility (IDM). It’s an approach that not only delivers a standardized, simplified methodology to point in time migrations, but ALSO facilitates data mobility as a serviceability feature to new systems.

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In this video you will learn about EMC’s Intelligent Data Mobility methodology, and the supporting technologies that will dramatically reduce the disruption and cost you face today, and will change the way you think about data migration going forward. Make sure to check out our IDM service overview that highlights topics and key essentials covered in the video.


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