Review: Cloudera Enterprise

Product Review: Cloudera Enterprise   

As more businesses become reliant on Big Data, many are using Apache Hadoop’s framework for data storage. Hadoop allows businesses to store and process enormous amounts of any kind of data. Hadoop-based architectures are flexible, low-cost and scalable. There is, however, a large discrepancy between the desire to use Hadoop and the ease of actually using it. Programmers often struggle to unlock all of Hadoop’s potential because of its intricacies. There are also security and data management concerns with many Hadoop-based platforms.

Cloudera Enterprise is also the only Hadoop platform to achieve compliance with its comprehensive security and governance, which sets it apart from other solutions that can’t guarantee the same data security.

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Cloudera is a software company providing solutions based on Apache Hadoop and open-source software. Founded in 2008, the company has developed one of the best platforms for data management and analytics. Cloudera operates in 27 countries and boasts customers like Mastercard, Samsung, Capital One, and Sandisk. Cloudera looks to overcome many of the difficulties and concerns with Hadoop while also unlocking its data management potential.

Cloudera Enterprise combines data analytics tools into a complete package for Hadoop users. It markets itself as a platform that makes Hadoop fast, easy and secure for businesses so that users can focus on results instead of the inner-workings of technology. Cloudera Enterprise can be geared toward Data Engineering, Analytic Databases and/or Operational Databases. A more comprehensive Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) edition is also available and provides users with complete use of the Cloudera platform.

Review: Cloudera Enterprise - YourDailyTech
Cloudera Enterprise

The Enterprise is Fast for Business, Easy to Manage and Secure without Compromise. Cloudera Enterprise enables more users to have greater insights into the business’s data management. The software simplifies the user’s experience with Hadoop and offers expert support from Cloudera staff. Cloudera Enterprise is also the only Hadoop platform to achieve compliance with its comprehensive security and governance, which sets it apart from other solutions that can’t guarantee the same data security.

The Enterprise Data Hub offers benefits such as the management of unlimited data, accelerated data preparation and reduced costs, and fast exploration and analysis of data. The greatest advantage of these is the analytic agility EDH brings to the table. Based on a self-service environment, users can ask questions to IT, freely search data and integrate findings into deliverables. Over time structure can be added over time making EDH flexible, and search features and queries are not limited to just SQL.

Review: Cloudera Enterprise - YourDailyTech

Key Features and Specifications 

Fast for Business

  • In-Memory Data Processing
  • Fast Analytic SQL
  • Native Search
  • Updatable Analytic Storage
  • Active Data Optimization

Easy to Manage

  • Powerful Cluster Operations
  • Hybrid Cloud Operations
  • Expert Support
  • Open Source Leadership

Secure without Compromise

  • Enterprise Encryption and Key Management
  • Uniform Access Policy Enforcement
  • Automated Data Management
  • Secure Operations

Gartner named Cloudera as a Visionary in its 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Management Solutions for Analytics. Some of its competitors in this area include Hortonworks, Transwarp and SAP. If Cloudera can continue to grow its support system and clarify its overall landscape for new clients, it appears it will move up and forward into the Leaders quadrant.

A recent news headline for Cloudera came at the beginning of July this year. IMS Health selected Cloudera to support its Big Data Factory, meaning many healthcare businesses will be relying on Cloudera as well. The partnership should allow IMS Health to continue to innovate in Big Data while being able to drive healthcare performance. Some of Cloudera’s upcoming events include the Gartner Catalyst Conference (August 15-18), Intel Developer Forum 2016 (August 16-18) and the HP Big Data Conference (August 29 – September 1). A full list of upcoming events can be found here.

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