How to Think Like a Data Scientist and Why You Should

By Bill Schmarzo

How effective is your organization at leveraging data and analytics to power the business?

It’s a question we pose at the beginning of nearly every customer conversation, and worth careful consideration. Why? Because organizations do not need a big data strategy; they need a business strategy that incorporates big data.

There, I said it. Sorry to challenge those “big data” pundits out there that insist on putting the data first, but without a holistic point-of-view, without a business-first perspective you are definitely placing the data cart before the business horse.

That’s why we built the Big Data Business Model Maturity Index—to measure where your organization is in incorporating big data in all of your business decisions. It’s about gaining intimate insights into your customer, product, and operational behaviors, trends, propensities, interests, passions, associations and affiliations. It’s about data science.

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