Big Data Success: Prioritize “Important” Over “Urgent”

By Bill Schmarzo

Ugh. I see so many organizations get so close to the goal line with Big Data, and then get sidelined by something that is not nearly as important to the business. It is easy to see how these organizations get distracted as they get near the Big Data goal line, because the average CIO and Line of Business executive are continually fighting battles. They are so busy fighting battles that they forget to focus on winning the war.

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To be successful, Big Data requires 2 key traits: focus and prioritization. Big Data success requires both the IT and Line of Business leaders to:

  • Focus on what’s important to the business, and
  • Prioritize “important” over “urgent.”

This is an organizational problem that has plagued organizations for years. This is not a unique problem for Big Data, but maybe is accentuated by the financial and business impact of delayed or lost Big Data-enabled business opportunities.

To get some guidance as to what organizations can do to address the focus and prioritization problems, let’s turn to our old friend Stephen Covey.

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