About YourDailyTech

YourDailyTech makes the pre sales research process easier for technology professionals because we know the type of information buyers trust to influence the buying decision. These include case studies (trusted by 75% of readers) analyst research (73%) as well as management trends(75%) and feature articles about the technology (74%).

We publish traditional "pre-sales" information like this on nine technology subjects; Data Center Management, Security, Virtualization, Cloud Architecture, Storage, Disaster Recovery, IoT, Business Intelligence and Networking exclusively for technology professionals who are researching information prior to making a buying decision.

Information we publish may include white papers, user guides, case histories, webinars, analysts reports, info-graphics, webinars and other material.

Please contact one of the below staff members for any questions and/or comments.

Philip Reid, Publisher

Angelica De Stefano, Editor

Amy Meadows, Sales Lead