Before the rise of the application economy, IT infrastructure was a service published to the rest of the organization. The systems were configured and maintained by operations. If there was a new request, the request was made, and then executed by the operations team.

The emergence of a fierce application economy requires that the process to be much more subjective and collaborative. This is a good thing, but shifts the dynamic and responsibilities. Development users demand more, and IT operations are struggling to meet developer demands on top of demands from other users.

The biggest roadblock for DevOps is that provisioning databases for non-production environments can take several days. Creating applications can take too long given the challenges of provisioning new storage, moving data, masking it, and keeping it current.

Imagine if you could bypass this roadblock. If you are interested in how you could refresh a 2TB production database to 5 dev hosts in under 5 minutes, you won’t want to miss this upcoming webinar, How To Be a DevOps Hero, on January 20, 2016.

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