Recorded Webinar: From Data Center to IT Service Delivery Center

By Laurence James, NetApp Products, Alliances and Solutions Manager

Recorded September 16, 2015

Organizations need their IT teams to move ever more quickly to keep pace with the changing needs of business Traditional data centers, with infrastructure silos built around applications, limit responsiveness. Companies struggle with routine IT downtime, spiraling costs, performance challenges, and growing complexity as their operations scale.

Solving this problem requires an IT infrastructure built for agility, one capable of instantly delivering new services, projects, and capacity while keeping costs down. That’s the promise of the software-defined data centre (SDDC). Software-defined storage (SDS) is one of the four SDDC components, as well as Software-defined compute, network, and security. Today there are so many different definitions for the term Software Defined that you can be excused for the confusion it has caused. In the session Laurence James unravels some of the myths surrounding the Software defined craze.

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